BMC Software

Trying to be the vendor of choice


About the project

This was an exercise to better understand what BMC's current clients were looking for when they chose a software vendor.

My role

I worked on this project as a User Experience Designer and Developer. I conducted user interviews of the target audiences, conducted user testing, created wireframes, created interactive prototypes and final web pages for launch.

Target Audiences

I conducted one–on–one interviews with senior management and business analysts to discover the target audience. They were all IT professionals but the ranged from young software developers to older senior vice presidents of enterprise level companies. Once identified, we created personas and user stories for each. I built a web page showcasing all personas and where they were likely to be interested on the (then)homepage.

BMC Persona homepage

The Process

The Discovery

I did several one on one interviews focusing on the product pages and discovered the following key findings:

The Vision

Our vision was to greatly improve the product pages to include things we learned users want from user testing:


Below are examples of personas created to better understand what people come to the website and why.

Personas Example
Personas Example
Personas Example

Competitive Analysis

This activity revealed a great deal of information on what BMC's competitors offered that was both superior and inferior to the company's product offerings. I broke the competitive analysis into three categories: Design, Assets, and Infrastructure.

Competitive Design
Competitive Assets
Competitive Infrastructure

User Testing

I conducted user testing with the current product pages of the time to get detailed answers about the effectiveness of the pages. I made a discussion guide and user tested seven individuals asking them all the same questions so as not to introduce bias. Below is an example of the questions asked:


New product pages launch

As a result of one-on-one interviews, persona creation, user stories and user testing, we were able to build a new product page template that specifically was user informed in design. This was a final photoshop comp from 2013.