Corporate Website Redesign


About the project

This project was a redesign for, a company whose main product offering is their automated procedure software called SmartProcedures. Our goal was to create an experience that made finding their products easy and improving their accessibility by making the new website responsive.

My role

I worked as UX designer and developer on this project, gathering business and user requirements, ideating concepts for what the experience could be, and creating a site map and wireframes.

The Process

Usability Audit

After doing a Usability Audit I noticed the structure of the basic navigation could use some help. There were literally two links within the main navigation called "Smartprocedures" that took users to two different pages talking about the same product in different ways. A bit confusing!

Original website design

Original ATR Website

The Site Map

I reexamined the existing website's architecture. I had senior members of staff do a basic open card sort which revealed to them there were many cases of navigation and information duplication. Below is the new sitemap.

ATR New Sitemap

The Vision

My vision was to not only simplify the confusing navigation and content redundancy, but make the website responsive to various viewports.


We went through several rounds of concepts but finally settled on this version shown in the wireframe below. It promoted the key product offering: SmartProcedures better than other iterations.

ATR Wireframes
ATR Wireframes

Hi-fidelity Mockups and Visual Design

To move forward with the design I used Photoshop to create sets of detailed mockups of the homepage and inner page. Because this is a small website, the inner page would serve as a template for all other product pages. This approach was beneficial in showing our stakeholders design progress and getting their early feedback on design decisions before going to production.


Prototyping and Usability Testing

I was responsible for also building prototype pages in HTML and Javascript for user testing and cross browser capability.

The Site Launches

The new face of ATR launched back in April 2015.

Please view the live site here.